My Projects

Over the years I’ve created or co-created a number of products and web properties.

Here’s a chronological list of just some of my projects/products/services.   I know I’m probably missing about 10 projects worth mentioning.. I’ll fill in as a I remember..

2016 – A new article site –  A place I can share one good tip a day that helps people cover their monthly nut.

iFart on Android – We just released our world famous fart app for Android on Google Play. – Mindset Report and Business Growth Hacks –  Relaunch of iFart Brand with major app updates.

Lots of Private Client Work….

2015 – An IM Resource site. – A password generator site with a sharing concept – A webmaster tools site.

Lots of Private Client Work….

2014 – A WordPress support desk plugin. – A simple, responsive WordPress Theme

Lots of Private Client Work…. 

2013 – My WordPress Theme and Plugin Club.

WebsiteStatsDashboard – A rebrand of our ACME Dashboard.

Lots of Private Client Work….


ACME Plugin Bundle – A collection of some of my best selling and never released WordPress plugins.

ACME If Mobile – A WordPress Plugin that lets you target specific content to mobile devices by platform.  Show iPhone ads to iPhone users for example.  Without having to use a mobile theme.

ACME Feedback  – A WordPress Plugin that generates visitor feedback, increases time on site, affiliate and product sales.

PluginBot – A free WordPress Plugin that helps you move your favorite plugins from one blog install to another.

Google Webmaster Tools Plugin – A WordPress plugin that lets you access your Google Webmaster Tools account from your WP dashboard. – A free site I created for Joel Comm that combines three Infomedia products such as Elevate Blueprint, Secret Classroom, and The Profit Vault.   This is probably one of the largest resources of IM training online that’s completely free.   I have about 10 hours of my own training included as well.

Related Ads Plugin – This is a WordPress plugin that lets you put unique ads on any WordPress post based on the “tags” of each post.


MyBlogSetup – A system to help you install a fully optimized wordpress blog in just a few minutes.

SelectedRSS Plugin – A WordPress plugin that lets you create custom RSS feeds from posts AND pages.

ACME Theme – A 2010 WordPress child theme designed for marketers.

Related RSS Plugin – A WordPress plugin which generates fresh related content in the sidebar of a WP theme by using tags. This plugin is great for SEO as it instantly puts related news snippets on every page/post based on tags.

ACME Traffic – A membership program I created with Mark Widawer that helps users increase traffic to their sites via plugins, tools, information and linking programs.   Most of my new products fall under the ACME umbrella. – A site for domainers to buy and sell websites I created with Joel Comm. – This is a massive online training and resource site I created using some of my own products and high quality PLR. – This is a Clickbank product that was designed to help beginners have more success with Clickbank.


Random Links Plugin –  A neat little plugin that lets you create one random link using other links.   So say you promote multiple web hosting companies.  You can link a keyword like “web hosting” to goto a random affiliate url on each click.

Socrates WordPress Theme –  One of my most successful products.  The Socrates Theme is currently used on over 100,000 websites.  Joel Comm and I launched it in April 2010.. and I probably worked 100 hours per week on Socrates alone from April to December.   We sold the business in January 2012


Check CB App – This is an iPhone app for checking your Clickbank stats.

The Profit Vault – Created a 13 Week online course with 100+ hours of video for Joel Comm and Infomedia. This course is now available at

The Elevate Blueprint – Created the sales funnel and membership system for the online version of our popular Elevate Seminar recordings. Also conducted a number of the sessions.  This course is now available at

Hot Video Squeeze Templates – This was a bundle of Video squeeze templates I sold through Clickbank.  I did quite well with these and sold the site in 2011.  Lots of big marketers bought these themes before all the automated funnel systems came out.

My 22 Day Bootcamp – My popular online training program.  I created 44 original tutorial videos to teach all aspects of Internet Marketing.  It sold for $22.00.  In an effort to streamline my business I bundled this product into in 2012.

The Joel Comm Show – Each week I was Joel’s co-host on his UStream show in 2008, but this reboot didn’t take hold and only lasted a few episodes.

TopOneReport – I wrote monthly articles  for our Internet Marketing magazine.. (print edition).  This was a fun project and it was nice to be a “published” author. – This was a cool short url service for Twitter we created…  but dropped it after so many short url services popped up.


Joel Comm Live –  Our weekly Ustream show where I was Joel’s Co-host and known for my Top Ten Lists.

iFart Mobile – I co-created the World Famous iFart iPhone app with Joel Comm and our team.   I was the guy who came up with all the crazy fart names, wrote the copy and mixed all the sounds..

Elevate Seminar – Our live seminar in the Rockies.  This was an exclusive $5K per person seminar we held outside of Denver in 2008.   I spoke on stage for a number of sessions, all of which can now be seen free at

InstantFormPro –  This is a form script that still sells well.   Joel Comm and I worked with a JV partner to retool his form software to appeal to marketers. – This was one of my first iphone app ideas and the team at Infomedia created a fantastic daily polling/voting app that still has loads of raving users today.


Joel Comm Products – As Joel Comm’s VP of Ideas during this time I was involved in the website launches for Joel’s books such as Twitter Power, Kaching and Click Here To Order.   We did so much during this time it seems like a blur. – This was a unique software and product review blog that let “affiliates” promote it as their own to earn commissions.

MyContactStation – This was the first JV Joel Comm and I did right after I moved to Colorado.  MyContactStation was a simple popup contact form that still sells today.

2005 – 2006

Got – Zip – I still think this Geo Affiliate concept based on using zip-codes as tracking ID’s was one of my best ideas ever.   However, it had some flaws, the main one of which was it relied on users to promote the concept and they unfortunately did not.  It ran for a good two years before I had to close it down and refund members.

2002 – 2004 – This was a traffic co-op site I created..   I would buy bulk traffic and then send it to a rotating link of my customers..   It worked for awhile but as the quality of traffic diminished, the program fizzled out. – This was a clever traffic generator.    Customers paid $5 to a “page owner” to get their own ExitXpress promotional page, and then $5 to me to promote any URL they wanted in an exit rotator that popped up on exit of every page..   Sounds crazy but people loved it and I had 3000 users. But as the exit popup craze grew it brought about the birth of exit pop blockers.

1998 – 2001 – My offices for LinkOpp were above Mainely Flags in Portsmouth, NH so I’ve been the webmaster of Flagstore since the 90’s and still am today.. – LinkOpp offered the first tiered link advertising system on the internet.   A pre-cursor to Google Adsense there were 1000’s of LinkOpp Text Link boxes on sites all over the web in the late 90’s.  Some bad decisions on the direction of the company and the dot com bust in 2000 took its toll.   The site is now just a simple affiliate blog.. but it was worth “millions” in dotcom bubble money in the 90’s.   I also started a small web hosting company about this time, and still have a dozen customers after all these years.

1996 – 1997 – I wasn’t involved in Escati until 1998, but the owner left me the site when he passed away and I still run it today..  It’s my oldest property.  In the late 90’s the site made a fortune in 468×60 banner ads.  High five figures..


I dabbled in webdesign during this time, and bought some domains.. but nothing of note.