Why I switched to GeneratePress

I’ve been developing WordPress Themes since 2006.

The first theme I ever created was called “ZipSense” and I made it as a “bonus” for buying an ebook of the same name.  That theme and ebook are long forgotten, but it was my first.

The next theme I created was in 2010 when I was working with Joel Comm.  It was called The Socrates Theme and it was one of my most successful products.  It’s been installed over 200,000 times and still sells today.  That business was sold in 2012 but I help out on their forum when I can.

The next theme I created was called ACME Theme, that sold a few thousand units and went through a few generations of development.

I went on to develop a few other themes but development and support grew tiresome to me.

It’s great having your own theme to sell, but when you add in development and support time, it doesn’t always make financial sense.  Especially in an insanely competitive space.

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What’s your Monthly Nut?

Monthly NutI launched a new website today called Monthly Nut.

I wanted to create a way to help as many people as possible to save money, make money and live a better life..   Without all kinds of fluff or noise.

Each day I post a new money saver, business nugget or health tip.

Visitors to the site can “like” each post so all the best tips will rise to the top of their respective tag or categories.

Each tip will also get posted to Twitter and Facebook as well.

Check it out and see it helps you cover your monthly nut.

The Launch of The ION Theory

iontheory-smallI’ve just released a new program to my followers which I’m pretty excited about.  It’s really something that I plan to expand, speak and focus on for the rest of my career.

It’s called The ION Theory.
What is it?  It’s a system of ideas, actions, processes and principles formulated to help its subscribers generate ideas, solve problems and achieve goals.

The theory is called ION because of the actual root and meanings of the word.

-ion Suffix – indicating an action, process, or state.
-Ion Noun – an atom or group of atoms that carry a positive or negative charge.

The idea for the ION Theory came to me when I had to give a presentation on Ideation at a marketing conference in 2012.

At the time it was just a clever hook to give a presentation on generating ideas.  Since the best ideas are usually borne out of inspiration, frustration, observation, the ION words made for excellent discussion points.  

But recently the idea has evolved into something much bigger.

If you want to learn more visit IONTheory.com or like my Facebook page.


Windows 10 – Blue Screen Of Death – Possible Fix

I took the leap a couple of weeks ago and upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

To be clear, I’ve actually been really impressed with Windows 10.   It’s one of the best upgrades I’ve seen from Microsoft and my laptop is definitely faster at boot up.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you change your Privacy settings in the Settings panel though, otherwise it’s easy to imagine you’re the subject of a reality show on some app developer’s computer a thousand miles away.

So let me get to the subject of this post.

I’ve run into the BSOD three times since installing Windows 10.   The first two times, I rebooted a few times and it finally ended up working.

The last time.. this morning..  no such luck.

bluescreenI kept getting these errors and an endless loop of blue screens


Finally, after a couple hours of this I discovered a solution.

It might work for you.. it might not.  I’m NO PC expert so if this doesn’t work for you….   I’m not the right guy to ask more questions…

I’m on a DELL XPS Laptop and I use a USB keyboard and mouse (that’s highly relevant here)

This is just ONE solution to try if you’re on a laptop using external USB ports

  1. Hold down the power button to shut down your computer
  2. Wait 10 secs or so and push the power button
  3. Immediately hit the F2 button to bring up the setup panel
  4. Goto the Advance Tab > Miscellaneous Devices > External USB Ports
  5. Disable the External USB Ports
  6. Save and Exit which reboots again.
  7. You should see the repair screen, then a Diagnosing Your PC screen
  8. If so, the next screen will be DIFFERENT.. Yay!
  9. You’ll see advanced recovery and other options
  10. I used a system restore from 3 days ago (system files only) and it worked.
  11. I rebooted again, hit F2,  Re-enabled my External USB Ports and problem solved

If you’re having an endless loop of Blue Screens and are using External USB ports, this might be a solution for you.

Good Luck!