Windows 10 – Blue Screen Of Death – Possible Fix

I took the leap a couple of weeks ago and upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

To be clear, I’ve actually been really impressed with Windows 10.   It’s one of the best upgrades I’ve seen from Microsoft and my laptop is definitely faster at boot up.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you change your Privacy settings in the Settings panel though, otherwise it’s easy to imagine you’re the subject of a reality show on some app developer’s computer a thousand miles away.

So let me get to the subject of this post.

I’ve run into the BSOD three times since installing Windows 10.   The first two times, I rebooted a few times and it finally ended up working.

The last time.. this morning..  no such luck.

bluescreenI kept getting these errors and an endless loop of blue screens


Finally, after a couple hours of this I discovered a solution.

It might work for you.. it might not.  I’m NO PC expert so if this doesn’t work for you….   I’m not the right guy to ask more questions…

I’m on a DELL XPS Laptop and I use a USB keyboard and mouse (that’s highly relevant here)

This is just ONE solution to try if you’re on a laptop using external USB ports

  1. Hold down the power button to shut down your computer
  2. Wait 10 secs or so and push the power button
  3. Immediately hit the F2 button to bring up the setup panel
  4. Goto the Advance Tab > Miscellaneous Devices > External USB Ports
  5. Disable the External USB Ports
  6. Save and Exit which reboots again.
  7. You should see the repair screen, then a Diagnosing Your PC screen
  8. If so, the next screen will be DIFFERENT.. Yay!
  9. You’ll see advanced recovery and other options
  10. I used a system restore from 3 days ago (system files only) and it worked.
  11. I rebooted again, hit F2,  Re-enabled my External USB Ports and problem solved

If you’re having an endless loop of Blue Screens and are using External USB ports, this might be a solution for you.

Good Luck!


My $20 Standing Desk Hack

standing desk hackDid you ever notice in the Movies that whenever they torture someone they tie them to an office chair?

They make them sit for hours with no bathroom breaks or the ability to check Facebook.  It’s horrible.

Well, we’ve all been bombarded by news stories lately warning of the health risks of sitting for long periods.  Apparently desk chairs have been slowly murdering us all these years and we didn’t even know it.    I wouldn’t be surprised if they mix in stats from “Old Sparky” to increase the death count attributed to chairs.

That all being said, I’ve recently come to the realization that I’m a chair-a-holic.   I actually once sat in a chair so long I blacked out.

So I decided to do something about my condition and try standing more throughout the day..  My plan is to try working from a standing desk for a week to see how I do.

However, before I make a big financial commitment to purchasing an adjustable motorized standing desk, I want to at least see if I’ll stick to it.

So after reading all the standing desk hacks and recognizing that I’m a minimalist and also somewhat frugal, I came up with the simplest standing desk solution I could think of. Continue reading…

Why Your Analytics Stats Are Wrong… And How To Fix Them In 5 Minutes

There are a few things you can do right now to make your Google Analytics stats more accurate, increase your search rankings and get a nice bump in traffic.

They only take about five minutes to implement in most cases.

Eliminate Your Referrer Spam

Referrer spam is becoming a big problem and it’s skewing your Google Analytics stats. Most likely you haven’t even noticed but your stats are inflated because of this problem.

There are two fixes for the problem I’ve been using..

Continue reading…

What’s the Best WordPress Membership Theme?

membership themeYou know I got asked this question so much…

I just decided to create it.

I’d been wanting to work with the Foundation Zurb framework and using an excellent Foundation starter theme, WP Membership Theme was born.

It’s really a great all around theme for marketers.

You can use it to create:

  • Funnels
  • Landing Pages
  • Download Pages
  • Member Areas
  • Video Salespages
  • Blogs (of course)
  • And More.

There’s a slew of custom page templates.

Best of all it’s fully responsive, customizable and has a great minimal look to it.

It includes special member and visitor shortcodes, as well as two bonus plugins:

  • WPM-Register – Create login, registration & password reminder pages. Plus a “hide page” function.
  • Instant Support Pro – My helpdesk, knowledgebase and ticket system for WordPress.

The theme and all the plugins are currently available in my WPUnite bundle, but only for a limited time.

5 Quick Time Savers for 2015

clock1.  Do you get tired of sorting through your Gmail each day?  Enable Auto Advance in Google Labs.   It will let you triage your mail each day significantly faster by auto advancing and opening the next email automatically.  It saves me at least an hour a week.   Settings > Labs > Auto Advance

2.  Do you send the same emails over and over again?  Check out Canned Responses in Google Labs as well.

3.  Having a hard time staying focused on tasks and want a simple task manager and todo app?  Try  It’s completely free and I use it as a CRM, To Do list, Task Manager for outsourcers and reminder service.

4.  Tired of logging into your WordPress blog each day?  Install the IP Based Login plugin (just recognize anyone on your computer could login as well).  But basically, once you add your IP, you won’t have to login again.

5.  I don’t know about  you but I use Notepad 10-20 times a day, but when I need a powerful editor I use  NotePad ++. Once you realize how cool this free software is you’ll use it all the time.  I use it for html editing, sorting big files, mass text replace etc.   Say  you have a 100,000 line file and you want to remove every line that has XYZ in it.  And then sort in alphabetical order.   You can do that kind of stuff with Notepad ++